Manufacturer of tools and technologies for non-destructive testing

"OKO Association" represents a group of companies with a more than 20-year experience in research, development and manufacture of NDT products for industrial clients all over the world, which endeavor to ensure a high-level operational safety, quality and reliability. As distinct from other NDT suppliers, “OKO Association” offers its equipment and technical solutions with highestreliability in detecting hidden defects at affordable price, which allows the customers to maintain an excellent operational stability at minimum costs.

Our companies group

PRP LLC (“Promprylad”)
Scientific industrial company. It is one of the leaders in developing and producing of innovative facilities for non-destructive material testing.

Manufacturer and NDT supply Company that offers a comprehensive range of products - from portable instruments and mechanized scanners to big automated ultrasonic testing systems.

Ukrainian Scientific & Research Institute for Nondestructive Testing
The Institute’s activity aims at elaboration of NDE technologies and development of testing methods.

Personnel Certification Body. Operates in the field of Non-Destructive Testing of technical objects.NDT training school / courses provide personnel qualification and certification to ndt level 1, 2, 3

We can help. In addition to regularly produced NDT instruments, we manufacture equipment and probes for very specific customer requirements and materials. Not the portable devices only, but also big Integrated Inspection Systems, covering most of all technologies. We invest in scientific research in order to be able to provide the best solutions for our customers in the field of non-destructive testing.

New developments in the field of non-destructive testing

  • UDS2-73 rail flaw detector

    UDS2-73 rail flaw detector

    Enables inspection of two rails at a time, has a unique sounding scheme, displays and records test results in real time, with their further viewing on a PC.
  • UD3-71 Ultrasonic flaw detector

    UD3-71 Ultrasonic flaw detector

    Multi-functional ultrasonic flaw detector, which allows testing of welded joints of various types (Alumino Thermitic, Flush Butt, Gas Pressure).

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Companies of "OKO Association" group carry out ndt equipment supplies to more than 30 countries

We produce various NDT equipment - from handheld flaw detectorsto complicated automated inspection systems, and together with our test equipment distributors make available all of them to customers in other countries.

The equipment design involves the latest state-of-the-art methods and techniques of nondestructive testing, including ultrasound, phased array, time-of-flight diffraction (ToFD), electromagnetic acoustic (EMA), eddy current, eddy current array, as well as a wide range of industrial scanners of both conventional and custom-specific types. Depending on the application, we select a suitable technique or several NDT techniques which would effectively solve the specified task.

Our flaw detectors are successfully used in the following industrial sectors:

  • railway,
  • power & aerospace,
  • petrochemical & metallurgy,
  • machine building & manufacturing.

The equipment produced by "OKO Association" corporation helps to improve the quality of finish products of our customers, and enhance the safety of their facilities’ infrastructure.

Ndt ultrasonic inspection techniques allow to obtain information about the defects located at a considerable depth in various materials, products and weld joints. As compared to other non-destructive testing methods, ultrasonic flaw detection is featured by significant advantages: high sensitivity to the most hazardous defectslike cracks or incomplete penetration; high productivity; possibility tosupervise the testing directly from operator’s workplacewith no process interruption; low operational costs.Ultrasonic examination is basically applied in a wide range of industries: power, heavy machinery, railway, ship building, chemical sector. Hundreds of thousand metersof steel structure welds, tens of thousands ofpipe joints, boiler units, rail weld joints, as well as the quality of pressurized tank parts, forgings, tubes, rolled plates and otherproductsare annually inspected by means ofultrasonic ndt techniques.


Meet us at world famous Annual Conferences and Exhibitions

ASNT Annual Conference

ASNT Annual Conference
(Long Beach, USA)

WCNDT Exhibition
(Munich, Germany)

Aerospace Event
(Filton, Bristol, UK)

(Prague, Czech Republic)

(Pune, India)

(Durban, South Africa)


ASNT Annual Conference ASNT Annual Conference

Together with our partners we develop new NDT techniques and their application standards

«OKO Association» organizes annual international conference for discussing and implementing those initiatives in different industry fields.



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