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Application areas of nondestructive testing

Wheel pairs NDT mechanization - changeover to a new quality level of road safety

Our companies such as "UkrNIINK" and NPF "Ultrakon-Service" have a wide experience in automatic installation creation of the eddy-current and ultrasonic testing. Installations of automated ultrasonic testing created by these companies are now successfully used in the industrial planes

The system of automated ultrasonic testing of railway axles SAUT «Uniscan – Luch OS–4»

Describe the experience of implementation of the Automated ultrasonic testing of railway axles SAUT «Uniscan – Luch OS – 4»

Experience of ULTRASONIC testing of Boeing 737 -300, -400, -500 planes structure elements in operating conditions

This article describes our experience in ultrasonic testing of structural elements of aircraft company Boeing under operating conditions

Eddycon universal eddy current flaw detector application for field inspection of aeronautical engineering

The following are usage examples of portable eddy current flaw detector Eddycon for operational monitoring of aeronautical engineering