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Application areas of nondestructive testing

ОKО-01 and Eddycon universal eddy current flaw detectors and their application for the detection of hidden flaws in one-piece units of aeronautical engineering

We are posed and solves the task of domestic universal eddy current flaw detector development, which would meet modern requirements by its embodiment. There are two variants of the instrument – ОKО-01 and Eddycon.

Scanning instruments for eddy-current flaw detectors

This article describes the popular scanning instruments for eddy-current flaw detectors

Автоматизированная система ультразвукового контроля продольного сварного шва труб САУЗК “Унискан-ЛуЧ ПШ-10”

This article about developed system of automated ultrasonic testing of longitudinal pipe welds based on multi-channel ultrasonic flaw detector "Uniscan-Luch" which was installed and successfully commissioned at JSC "HTZ"

System of Non-destructive Work rolls Testing B-35

Work rolls is the main tool of the rolling manufacture, which ensures due quality of the finished rolled products. Uninterrupted operation of the powerful rolling mill and high-quality finished products depend a lot on the mill rolls surface condition and their quality.