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ETS2-77 purpose

Eddy current method application at the active face control and the rolling surfaces of the rails allows to perform not only evaluation of the vertical damage depth but the localisation of the areas with surface marks, such as:

Eddy-current single-rail 8-channel flaw detector ETS2-77
  • transversal fatigue cracks (International Defect Code (UIC) 211);
  • quenching cracks (International Defect Code (UIC) 2223);
  • active face delamination (International Defect Code (UIC) 2222);
  • wheels sliding areas (International Defect Code (UIC) 225).

Performing the rail head vertical damage evaluation enables to decide if the grinding machines application is actual, or whether the damaged area replace shall be provided. This allows to significantly cut the time and financial expenditure.


  • possibility to control the rail track and the track switch;
  • selective control of the separate rail track areas;
  • post grinding machines control;
  • all main rail profiles control S49 (49E1), UIC54 (54E1), UIC60 (60E1).

Eddy current single-rail 8-channel flaw detector ETS2-77

Eddy current rail inspection equipment ETS2-77 advantages

  • light aluminum frame;
  • specialized abrasion-resistant ECPs allow to evaluate the oblique cracks with up to 3 mm vertical damage depth;
  • 8 ECPs application allows to perform the control of the whole head rail surface in one run;
  • individual spring-mounted suspension of each ECP;

Eddy current single-rail 8-channel flaw detector ETS2-77 results

  • possibility of fast lifting of the scanners during the transfer from one testin area to another;
  • individual adjustment of ECP position;
  • operating time – not less than 8 hours;
  • specialized software for setting up, testing and inspection results review
Eddy-current single-rail 8-channel flaw detector ETS2-77 construction
Eddy-current single-rail 8-channel flaw detector ETS2-77


Model ETS2-77
Flaw detector type mechanized
Overall dimensions in the stowed position 1730 mm × 900 mm × 350 mm
Eddy-current channel Eddycon D
Scanning device
  • active face control scanner
  • rolling surface control scanner
ECP quantity 8
Tested area by one ECP 6 mm
ECP protection from the abrasion and damage Ceramic protective cover
Test velocity Up to 2 m/s
Alarm Visual
Specialized software
  • setup program
  • test program
  • results review program
Operating time 8 hours
Record and data storage +
PC hard disk
Working PC Industrial one, IP rating 65