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UD3-71 Flaw Detector for Ultrasonic Testing of Rails and Welds purpose

The UD3-71 ultrasonic flaw detector is designed for the testing of welded rail joints with a set of manual probes and USR-01 scanner (Tandem Rig):

Intended for re-testing of various type rails laid down in a track and also is used to carry out the before welding testing of end sections of new and used rails and welded joints.


  • High brightness color TFT display.
  • Internal memory (Micro SD card 8 Gb) for saving the testing setups and testing results.
  • Special Test Rig for Tandem Testing Technique.
  • Direct digital display of depth and distance of flaws.
  • Compact and light weight (0.9 Kg).


Test Range

1- 6000 mm


1000 – 15000 m/s in steps 1, 10,100,1000 m/s

Angle probe

0 – 90 0


0 – 9999 mm depending on the set PRF value


0-100 dB in steps 0.1, 0.5, 1, 10


0 – 80 % FSH


Full wave, positive half wave, negative half wave, RF

Receiver bandwidth

0.4-20 MHz (- 3 dB)

Digital Frequency

0.4, 1, 1.25, 2, 2.5, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 10, 15 MHz

Test Modes

Pulse echo and transmit/receive.



Measurement Gates

  • 2 fully independent three-level gates for amplitude and TOFD measurement.
  • Special gate of Automatic gain control (AGC)

Result display

A-scan, B-scan, simultaneous of up to 5 measured parameters selected by the user.


  • Number of points is 32.
  • Building TCG curve by DAC


  • automatic building of curve for different equivalent diameters
  • calibration at calibration blocks and testing objects.
  • building DGS curve by DAC.

Internal memory

Micro SD card 8 Gb is used for saving the testing setups and testing results

Tandem Technique

Special Test-Rig for tandem technique is provided for the Rail weld joint examination.


Complete set of probes are provided for the Rail weld examination.

Display dimension (WxH, diagonal)

70 mm x 50 mm


0.8 kg

Overall dimensions (HxWxL)

188x107x78 mm

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