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Ultrasonic probes for NDT equipment

Transducer dimensions:

Element size, A, B, C,
mm in mm in mm in mm in
∅20 ∅.750 24 .9 35.5 1.32 52.5 2.0
6x20 .250x.750 30 1.2 44.5 1.75 57.0 2.24

General specifications:

Catalog number Frequency, MHz Element size, Type of case Connector type Connector position
mm in
TSD2-20F* 2.0 ∅20 ∅.750  Plated brass Lemo00 Side
TSD4-20F 4.0 ∅20 ∅.750 Plated brass Lemo00 Side
TSD2-24F 2.0 6x20 .250x.750 Plated brass Lemo00 Side
TSD4-24F 4.0 6x20 .250x.750 Plated brass Lemo00 Side

* material of the face transducer: F • flexible.