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Ultrasonic scanners

TOFD 2.10 PRO Ultrasonic scanning device implements the mechanized testing of butt - welded joints of flat surfaces and pipes of medium and large diameters (with a minimum external diameter of 600 mm) and a thickness from 6 to 75 mm. Using the TOFD 2.10 PRO defects such as discontinuities, lack of fusions, cracks, porosity and slag shots can be detected and also their sizes with their coordinate dimensioning to the testing objects can be determined.

Main advantages of operating with TOFD 2.10 PRO:

  • Wide range of application: testing of welded joints of flat surfaces, longitudinal and pipes circular welds;
  • Possibility to clarify defects length providing the scanner longitudinal and transverse movement relative to the welded joint;
  • Ease of operation due to the magnetic wheels system that provides complete hold and easy movement of the scanner along the pipe;
  • Special-purpose TOFD PEP suspension of TOFD 2.10 PRO scanner and organized couplant supply directly under the each probe guarantees the qualitative acoustic contact between the probe and the test object surface;
  • Special-purpose probes of own production provides the high signal/noise ratio providing the possibility to carry out the testing of not perfectly prepared surface;
  • Possibility to complete with wedges with the angles of incidents for welded joint various thicknesses in the range from 6 to 75 mm;
  • Possibility of expanding the scanner capabilities due to the modular construction and complete with a suspension for the testing schemes implementation;